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  1. Fay, kansas City Says:

    Easy Spirit Tour Guide – The top is a little too high (for my foot), but it is a great, comfortable shoe. I was told to expect a delay in delivery because I ordered on a holiday weekend. To my surprise they were delivered earlier than I expected. It’s great to be able to receive orders so quickly. I love the fact that you do not charge shipping for delivery and especially for returning. I have recommended Zappos to several friends – all are very pleased with what they have ordered.

  2. San Fransisco Says:

    Easy Spirit is okay – Since I don’t like to wear sneakers I’m always looking for an alternative. Overall I liked these shoes, my family all found them attractive but I thought they were too big for a traditional size 7 and would have returned them if the insertion of my orthotics hadn’t improved it substantially.

  3. TN Says:

    Perfect for lots of walking! I put these shoes on for the first time the day I went on a 4 day vacation and I was amazed at how comfortable they were and remained through walking, climbing and general tourist activities throughout Ohio and PA. Easy Spirit tour Guide Clogs. I loved them so much I ordered another pair the day I came home. Tour Guide Shoes.

  4. San Fransisco Says:

    I love this shoe! It fits a little WIDE — and that’s all right — but it surprised me after reading the reviews. It is also a little loose around the instep, which makes it difficult for rough terrain. I have a problem with my heel and cannot wear shoes that touch the back of my foot. Despite these two, minor factors, I find they are the shoe of choice almost all the time. I am always wearing them! I plan to buy more of the same. A real winner here… I admit I had a bias about Easy Spirit. They’re the favorite brand of my 68 yr old mom. But, I know they’re usually pretty comfortable and usually fit my narrow foot. OMG, these are like wearing slippers! They are awesome! My job is very casual but I can’t wear sandals, so these are the next best thing. After giving up on trying to find the Crocs I wanted, these are 10X better than the Crocs I’ve tried on. Granted, they aren’t the “in” shoe right now, but very versatile and comfortable.

  5. Gwen Says:

    Five star review – I had a Liver Transplant 3 years ago, while I was in the hospital all the nurses were wearing Zappos, and they highly recommended these shoes to me. My back is very bad and I have had a hard time finding shoes to wear that would help with the pain. I decided to try Zappos and have found them to help me, but I am going for a back op in Oct. and plan to take them with me… I really like them and find them easy to wear.

  6. Fairlawn Says:

    Zappos Made My Day – I had bought a white pair of the Easy Spirit Traveltime slip-on’s last year in white. I loved them so much that I tried to find the color blue this year. I went to every sale and even the Easy Spirit store in our mall, no size 7W. Found Zappos site and not only ordered the blue, also purchased the tan color. They are so comfortable and also look nice with either my jeans or summer shorts, I had to get two pairs! Thank you Zappos, this was my first order from you, but won’t be my last, no more mall shopping for wide with shoes! Everything was great from the time I placed my order to the prompt delivery, as I said you made my day! Better than barefoot – I love these shoes! They fit and feel as though they were custom made. They stay on my feet and are comfortable all day. I threw out all my “around the house shoes and slippers” and live in these. I have 4 pairs of these shoes and don’t know what I’d do without them. They are very comfortable and nice to walk in. They also look very nice. I would buy other colors!

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